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We believe people want beautiful, meaningful landscapes and also want them to be sustainable. This requires a unique balance of proper vegetation, landscape architecture, infrastructure and smart controllers.

Our intelligent sprinkler controller is just the start. We think water can be sustainably used throughout our homes. We’ll continue to build things to ensure it is.

Chris Klein

Chris is a co-founder at Rachio where he leads product development. He has successfully designed, developed and delivered valuable products, simple and complex. He believes that great products come from passion and everyday use and that if we love what we build and use it to solve real problems in our own day-to-day lives, others will too. He focuses on simple, clean designs. This is everything from look and feel to the underlying architecture.

Franz Garsombk

Franz is a co-founder at Rachio where he heads up all things technology. He has worked at small startups to enterprise organizations. His roles have included software architect, consultant, enterprise architect, and CTO. He has led multiple teams while still always finding time to keep ‘close to the code’. He is a huge proponent of open source frameworks and is passionate about developing and delivering simple, quality, pragmatic applications.

Emil Motycka

Emil is head of customer experience for Rachio, responsible for building customer loyalty and identifying opportunities to create customer delight. He has been managing irrigation systems large and small for nearly two decades having started mowing lawns at 8 years old, and building a million dollar lawn care business by the age of 25. He is committed to creating customer experiences that make things simpler and easier, all the while saving water.

Matt Mendrala

Matt leads mobile application development at Rachio. He has been involved in creating ground-breaking software for almost 25 years. He has a broad background that includes human factors, artificial intelligence, UX and user interface design, software architecture and business innovation. He loves working with passionate people who believe that technology should improve lives and make the world a better, more sustainable place.

Brian Ewing

Brian is the Vice President of Sales at Rachio and is leading commercialization strategy for both the Consumer / Professional sides of the Rachio business. Brian is a consumer products champion and has worked with the largest retailers in the US. Brian has held leadership positions in both Sales & Marketing with with top tier CPG brands Black & Decker, Philips, and OtterBox. Brian believes that the best way to grow a brand is to deliver everyday for both the customer and consumer.

Michelle Honan

Michelle is the accountant and strives to bring financial stability and success to Rachio. She has worked in both public and private accounting and believes in the importance of family and community. She is excited to work at a company that strives to take care of its employees. She is proud of the fact that Rachio is a true Colorado company, founded in and manufactured here with materials from local companies.

Dan Woodson

Dan is the director of web development at Rachio. He has worked in many different industries, including non-profit, custom business software, magazines and home products. He loves open source and open standards, and focuses on simplified, intuitive designs, both in user interfaces and software organization. He believes that technology can make life better and more sustainable for us all.

Kevin Rooney

Kevin is a customer support expert at Rachio where, in his mission to create great brand loyalty, he advances the customer centric culture of always going above and beyond to create an amazing customer experience. He has already done this for many in the past, serving as customer and client support at both Google and Kroenke Sports. He his fully devoted to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Eric Petrek

Eric is Rachio’s marketing manager, pushing to foster strong brand loyalty and enhance Rachio brand awareness. Eric has a background in sales and marketing at Hershey’s where he helped to grow their brands in top US grocery retailers as well as serve as an unofficial taste tester. He loves to spend time in the Colorado backcountry and believes that the solutions to our biggest environmental problems will come from innovative technology-based businesses.

Ric Miles

Ric is focused on growing Rachio through smart strategy and meaningful partnerships. He feels strongly that the best solutions involve collaboration with the brightest industry leaders. As a 30 year technology sales and marketing veteran with more than a decade of CEO experience, Ric has the right amount of gray hair to understand. He loves the outdoors and is committed to improving the world in which we live.

Clay Kraus

Clay manages professional programs and solutions for Rachio. His background is in product and business development. In his previous role, he was tasked with developing product and sales strategies for entry into new verticals for a large financial data services company. A Colorado native and an avid hiker, Clay is excited to work for a company dedicated to conserving one of nature’s most precious resources: water.

Edward Milstein

Ed is the Vice President of Operations and focused on all things operational. He brings the experience that comes with a 25 yr career of technology based companies and is passionate about building and supporting great teams. Ed brings the experience of being a founder and CEO of a successful technology startup which achieved 5400% growth over a 5 year period. Ed has a love and respect for the environment and believes water management and conservation are key for the environment and all of our futures.

Grant Miller

Grant is the creative director at Rachio where he works to ensure our products, application and advertising reflect our company's extraordinary mission. He believes products can improve the world we live in, and that Rachio has an opportunity to change how we think about water. He strives to create designs that are clear and intuitive, empowering people to gain new control of their water and their lives.

Brad Alcorn

Brad brings 10 years of product development experience to the team, both as a designer and manager. As the Director of Product Development at Rachio, he uses his product experience as well as excitement about entrepreneurship to achieve a high level of planning and execution. He strives for excellence at every level of design. His interest in backpacking and love of the outdoors root a desire to progress our society to sustainability.

Ben Blackmer

Ben heads up product marketing at Rachio, focusing on how the company develops and brings new ideas to the market. Prior to joining Rachio, Ben founded two companies in Michigan, where he led the marketing and sales teams. He is extremely excited to be working at a company that combines technology with a business model that has a strong social benefit: improving water efficiency.

Krista Yakemonis

Krista is a Manager of Customer Experience, and works diligently on maintaining client relationships and creating continued customer support. Krista has over 15 years of customer experience with companies ranging from start-ups to billion dollar Fortune 500 companies. Originally from Michigan, Krista is equipped with not only a great attitude, but also a work ethic only the Midwest could create.

Damon Miller

Damon leads the marketing team at Rachio, helping ensure that we get the word out about our products and our bigger mission around water sustainability. He brings a wealth of experience in consumer and technology marketing with start-up, mid-sized and established companies, including Intel, Method Products, and Starbucks. An outdoor enthusiast of running, cycling and skiing, Damon also has a strong personal belief in improving and sustaining our natural environment.

Dan Jasek

Dan is a senior developer at Rachio, specializing in backend infrastructure design and deployment. His interests focus on distributed systems, security, and team coordination. His driving goal is to solve complex problems by keeping things as simple as possible, but no simpler. In his 10 year career of writing software and building teams, he has found success in applying this principle in order to find innovative solutions that transform organizations and industries.

Devin Callahan

Devin is responsible for firmware development at Rachio. With a background in analog circuit design, Devin prefers to be as close as possible to the hardware. He looks forward to developing the next generation of products that elevate the capabilities of hardware to new heights, while providing new and helpful features that were previously unrealizable. Devin is excited to be working to develop products focused on conservation and bringing control of our natural resources into the new age.

George Yash

George is the lead for sales operations. He works enthusiastically to keep the constantly moving sales and business development team on track in an ever-shifting landscape. His forward-thinking approach to operational efficiency was first cultivated in the United States Navy and then further refined in the healthcare industry. His axiom is embracement and commitment to the mission.

Cara Jo Miller

Cara Jo is a Web Developer & Designer at Rachio where she ensures all users have a beautiful and enjoyable experience. Cara Jo has a passion for saving energy and water and empowering others to do the same. In her free time you can find Cara Jo in her garden, riding (and repairing) bikes, photographing beautiful Colorado, doing calligraphy or teaching women to code with Girl Develop It Boulder/Denver, which she founded in 2013.

Lucas Crostarosa

Lucas is driven to ensure that our customers are succeeding with our product. He is happy to help lead the charge for a new sustainability movement. He brings an in depth knowledge of analytics, report automation, and stellar customer service to the customer experience team. During his free time, he can be seen at local coffee shops coding away, or biking or snowboarding down a mountain.

Jenny Clawson

Jenny manages marketing and communications, helping tell the Rachio story and connect with users through content and social media. Equipped with a journalism background, she has a passion for storytelling and has spent most of her career supporting non-profit organizations at both the national and local level through writing, graphic design and social media. She loves being part of a committed team and using her skills to support a greater mission.

Aaron Greenspan

Aaron is a junior developer at Rachio, working predominantly on server side code and inward facing tools. As his first job working as a developer, Aaron is excited to learn from the excellent senior devs on the team and to fine tune that knowledge by contributing to production level code. His background prior to Rachio is in theoretical mathematics and he looks forward to leveraging those analytical skills in unique ways for the company.

Sean Harris

Sean is our Lead User Experience Designer. He’s one of our primary customer touchpoints who heads up all Rachio product research, design and testing. His primary focus is to make sure that Rachio product designs meet the needs of our customers. Sean has over 10 years of web and software design experience half of which have been spent in Colorado’s thriving startup community. He has a multi-disciplinary background and broad project experience spanning a multitude of industry verticals.

Aubrey Ford

Aubrey is a web developer at Rachio. He recently graduated from Galvanize’s Full Stack Immersion program and is absolutely ecstatic about having the opportunity to grow with such an incredibly talented and passionate group of people. He graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in music and pursued a career in that field before discovering his love for code. He is also an avid backpacker and cares deeply about protecting wilderness areas and the natural world.

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