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Your prescription for an effortless yard.

Inside the Rachio Thrive kit, you’ll find a revolution in yard care. Easy-to-apply lawn treatments (made from natural nutrients) and a convenient expandable hose work in tandem with the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller and mobile app. Together, this grows a stronger, richer lawn that needs less water and maintenance to look lush. You’ll love it, or we’ll give you your money back.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio’s top-rated smart sprinkler controller is the brains behind your complete lawn ecosystem. Water automatically to easily lock in lawn nutrients for maximum effectiveness and greener results.

Rachio App

The Rachio app is your personal lawn care and watering assistant, dedicated to making the most of every drop of water and each lawn treatment with customized watering schedules, premium weather monitoring and unbeatable control.

Natural Lawn Treatments That Work

Our lawn treatments target roots with essential nutrients for a healthy landscape. Natural microalgae feeds your soil to give grass what it needs.

Expandable Hose

Ultra-lightweight and a cinch to store, our expandable hose attaches to the treatment bottle to quickly deliver the very best in lawn nutrition for whole-plant health.

The sustainable way to a beautiful yard

Step 1

Build your custom yard care solution.

Tell us about your yard goals, then we’ll create your tailored lawn care plan.

Step 2

Set up your ecosystem with ease.

Install your Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller in 30 minutes or less and activate the Rachio app.

Step 3

Follow system prompts to effortlessly time your applications.

Apply kid-and-pet-safe, natural lawn care treatments with ease as Rachio walks you through how and when to spray on solutions that are delivered to your door.

Water Monitor
Real Results

Greener grass and more robust roots just four weeks after your first application.

Easy to Set Up, Simple to Use

Install controller in less than 30 minutes, then apply lawn treatments with easy-spray expandable hose.

Delivered to Your Door

The treatments your lawn needs, when you need them, automatically.

Calendar Settings
For Your Best Yard

In-depth yard analysis builds a tailored watering and treatment plan.

Save Water

A healthy lawn requires less water to thrive. See savings on your monthly water bill with Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller & Thrive.

Safe for your lawn – and everyone on it

Natural, non-toxic ingredients for healthy kids, pets, and people everywhere.

IOT Nest
Works with Smart Devices

Water by voice command with integrations like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit™, and more.

Dialog bubbles
Best-in-Class Support

Customer care is just a click or a phone call away.

X Cart
Cancel Anytime

Stop deliveries for any reason, no questions asked.

Revolutionize your yard by evolving your lawn care.

We’re reinventing yard care from the ground up — by turning it back over to nature. Understanding each yard’s unique biological needs allows our Thrive ecosystem to reinforce nature. Our innovative combination of nutrients, healthy microbes, and optimal watering through our smart-sprinkler system boosts your lawn’s root and soil health and brings it back to life.

Richer soil. Stronger roots. Better yard.

After gathering some quick information about your lawn, we’ll send natural yard treatments to enrich your lawn’s root and soil systems. Healthy soil builds thicker, stronger roots that require less water and less maintenance in order to thrive.

Natural nutrients. No worries.

Protecting your yard means protecting kids and pets too. Our lawn treatments work with the healthy microbes in your soil (not against them, like most fertilizers) and deliver natural nutrients that target roots for optimal plant growth and peace of mind. Our ingredients get to work improving your lawn without harming people, pets, or the planet.

Water less. Enjoy more.

Our Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller is the engine that automates watering so you use the right amount—at the right time—for a beautiful lawn. Now that’s technology and nature working together! See the proof with savings on your monthly watering bill.

Your dream yard. Made easy.

We send you real lawn nutrition, right when you need it. Subscribe in the Rachio app to get automatic shipments, tailored to your lawn’s specific needs and made for easy application.


"Super easy to use, saves water, money and the grass was greener than ever! Buy one!"

- Danielle G.