Help your yard reach its potential.

The Rachio App is your personal watering assistant, dedicated to making the most of every drop of water with advanced features like guided schedule setup, hyperlocal weather monitoring and more.

Perfect watering schedules.

Get the right schedules for a happy, healthy yard - without overwatering. With guided schedule setup, Rachio recommends the optimal watering days and durations for your landscape - even accommodating watering restrictions.

  • Create unique runtimes for each zone.

  • Set up schedules to end before sunrise or begin after sunset.

  • Eliminate runoff with automated Cycle and Soak.

  • Apply Weather Intelligence™ to any schedule.

Control on your phone, not in your garage.

Make caring for your yard a delight, not a chore. Run your sprinkler system anytime, anywhere right from your smartphone.

  • One touch to run, pause and skip between individual zones.

  • Quickly test zones, or set up a Custom Run zone queue.

  • Replace zone numbers with names and photos for easy reference.

  • Review run history and next scheduled runs at a glance.

Unmatched weather technology.

Avoid watering in the rain, wind or snow. Rachio Weather Intelligence™ uses comprehensive weather data to automatically adjust your watering schedule based on the latest local forecasts.

  • Choose from the largest network of weather stations.

  • Control Weather Intelligence™ thresholds for Rain, Wind and Freeze Skips.

  • Enable any combination of Weather Intelligence™ skips on any schedule.

Flow monitoring that never sleeps.

Protect your investment and gain peace of mind. Real-time flow monitoring quickly alerts you to leaks, blockages or faulty zone valves.

  • Receive instant leak alerts and notifications.

  • Automatic zone shut-off triggered by leak detection.

  • Calibrate zones to easily recognize flow abnormalities.

  • Reveal low-flow leaks with sensitive Vortex Technology.

Premium Weather Intelligence™ Plus.

Get everything you love about Weather Intelligence™, and the most reliable weather reporting available with Rachio 3-exclusive Weather Intelligence™ Plus.

Comprehensive monitoring technology references more than a quarter million data points to provide hyperlocal, automatic schedule adjustments - accurate to within a 36 foot radius of your home.

Download the App.

iOS 10.0+ and Android 4.0+. Web also available on most browsers. Mobile app is required to connect the controller to Wi-Fi.