Why Start Seeds Indoors?


New to gardening, or planting something this year in a region that experiences cold temperatures, or uncertain springtime weather? Now may be a great time to start plants indoors (from seed!) so you can transplant to your garden later this spring. 

Important: Not all seeds will benefit from being started indoors; always check your seed packet recommendations, or research the plant you intend to grow, before planting. For example, some plants, like peas and carrots, do not transplant well and will not thrive when moved locations once they’ve sprouted.

There are a few reasons you may choose to plant from seed under grow lights or in otherwise sunny conditions: 

  1. Starting from seed can extend your growing season, giving your plants a head start on growth and often producing more fruits, veggies, or cut flowers over the length of your growing season. In warmer climate zones, such as zone 10, you may be able to grow close to year-round, without need for starting indoors. 
  2. Seeding indoors can save you money. If you have time and the right equipment to grow from seed, starting indoors can be a great alternative to purchasing seedlings (growing plants) during planting season. This can save you some money, even if you’re only planning a small-to-medium sized garden!
  3. Planting from heirloom seeds can produce plants that are healthier and more adjusted to local growing conditions. To find heirloom seeds that are right for your region, we recommend reaching out to local seed banks (often found at local libraries, food banks, or other centers of community!) or plant nurseries. 
  4. As the gardener, you can have more control over growing conditions of your plants when you start from seed. Take the reins of your garden before you even plant outdoors by monitoring for things like temperature, moisture levels, and soil health
  5. Share with friends and neighbors! When you grow from seed indoors, you just might find yourself with extra seedlings by the beginning of your growing season. This can be a nice opportunity to share the wealth and gift plants that friends and other gardeners might want to keep around!

So there you have it, there are many reasons to get a jump on the growing season by starting from seed. Once you know which varieties your garden will feature this season, we recommend assessing the needs of your plants within your climate zone before deciding if starting indoors is right for you!

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