We Stand With You

The last few days have been a period of incredible sadness, anger, and hurt for many across the country. We stand with all who are calling for justice and change.

At Rachio, we believe in taking care of the things we love: the Earth and the people who live on it. We are here to listen and to learn, especially now.

It is important for all of us, regardless of the color of our skin, to recognize, acknowledge, and address the very real and systemic discrimination faced by Black communities. We must do our part by intentionally and meaningfully speaking out against racism and work to address the root cause of this racism. It is not enough to solely be not racist, we have to be actively anti-racist.

This company was founded on a mission to make daily life more sustainable in the hopes of preserving precious resources; we now see an opportunity to make this mission more expansive. Injustice, hatred and systematic oppression degrade and erode the core values of our society. Black and brown communities are disproportionately impacted by things like water availability, pollution, and climate change, which are core to our company – we acknowledge this and we plan to do more.

To start, we’re providing resources to you and to our team on how to help. Whether you want to donate, learn, share, or protest, we share these resources with you in hopes that you’ll join us in taking action. This week, instead of our normal digital content, we are sharing these resources across our social channels to help amplify Black voices and encourage our community to act.

Next, we plan to address how our current practices as a business can be changed to provide better opportunities for the inclusion and support for the Black community. We’re just getting started on this journey, and we have a lot to learn. Like many people across the United States, we see this event as a catalyst to be more intentional about how we define diversity in our company and how we act on it.

This conversation doesn’t end with the publishing of this post. We know we have a lot to do and are going to work to make sure equity and inclusion are at the forefront of our company.

Black Lives Matter.

– Team Rachio (all 35 of us)

Resources – Organizations To Follow & Support

Resources – Petitions

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