Hardware + Software + Nutrients

Meet the Rachio Ecosystem

In nature, each part of an ecosystem works in harmony with one another. And the Rachio ecosystem is no different. Our approach pairs tech-enabled watering with cutting-edge lawn treatments to reinforce nature and improve your lawn's sustainability and splendor.

Smart Sprinkler Controllers

At the core of our ecosystem are the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers. Designed to work with multiple yard zones, each of our controllers let you customize watering schedules that automatically adjust based on your local weather.

  • Foolproof installation
  • Water-saving, automatic irrigation schedules
  • Top smart home integrations
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi

Rachio App

Take control of your water use with our intuitive app that puts personalization in the palm of your hand. Customize a few simple details about your unique landscape, then let Rachio precisely calculate how much water each zone needs to thrive.

  • View forecasted weather
  • See actual and predicted water usage
  • Customize each zone to maximize plant health
  • Track your Rachio Thrive Lawn Champion treatments

Rachio Thrive Lawn Treatments

Rest easy knowing you're building a beautiful lawn in a way that protects people, pets, and the planet. Every Lawn Champion treatment is vital nutrition that reinforces nature, encouraging optimal plant and soil health with minimal water use.

  • Kid- and pet-safe formula
  • No synthetic chemicals or nitrate pollution
  • Helps grow longer, stronger, and more resilient roots
  • Delivered right to your door

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers are rated #1 by top reviewers like The New York Times, TechHive, Reviewed, CNET, and more.

Upgrade to the Rachio ecosystem and reap the water-saving rewards.

Start rebuilding your root system for a lawn that sips water instead of guzzling it. Find the controller that’s right for you and bundle it with Rachio Thrive Lawn Champion.


How to build a beautiful, healthy, and sustainable yard with Rachio.

It starts with the soil.

Healthy soil is the engine behind a beautiful, sustainable lawn. It creates an environment where stronger, thicker roots flourish, making the most of every drop of water and available nutrients. All this while reducing water, pollution — and best of all — your time doing maintenance.

Ditch the fertilizers.

Ensuring your soil is rich and root-friendly primes your green spaces for success. Our Rachio Thrive lawn treatment uses microalgae nutrition and healthy microbes to provide roots with what they need to thrive. That means your roots can then dive deeper into the ground—accessing more nutrients and water—than ever before. The result? A more beautiful, resilient, and water-efficient yard that requires less maintenance.

Learn how Rachio Thrive Lawn Champion works

Give your yard the exact water it needs.

Watering your lawn is a delicate balance. Too much or too little and your plants will suffer. A Rachio sprinkler controller takes the guesswork out of lawn watering. Customize schedules to give your yard exactly what it needs, and then let our Weather Intelligence system go to work for you. It monitors the weather and automatically adjusts your watering schedule when Mother Nature has got it covered.

Learn more about smart watering

Love your yard. Love your planet.

We’re here to reinforce nature through technology, bringing your yard back to life while using minimal water resources. From day one, our goal has been to revolutionize lawn care and show everyone they can have a beautiful lawn AND protect the planet’s most precious resource at the same time.