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Rachio Thrive

What is Rachio Thrive?

Rachio’s new lawn care plan focuses on naturally building roots and maximizing soil nutrition to create a strong foundation for the lush, sustainable lawn of your dreams. It’s designed to replace traditional fertilizers (which are often synthetic and harmful) with child- and pet-safe nutrition for your lawn. When you subscribe, you’ll receive a customized lawn treatment that’s safe, complete, and easy to apply, delivered to right your door.

How does it work?

Rachio Thrive uses Lawn Champion — a treatment of microalgae and other nutrients — to bring healthy balance back to your soil. As grass gets access to more nutrition and healthy microbes increase in the soil, grass roots can grow thicker and more resilient, making the most of the nutrition and water available. Once applied, this treatment brings stronger roots and greener grass to your lawn.

What’s included in my Thrive Kit?

With Rachio Thrive, you’ll receive the perfect amount of Lawn Champion for your yard size and climate, a reusable spray applicator, our easy-to-use expandable hose, and instructions. Even better, it all comes in a perfectly-sized storage box.

What makes Lawn Champion eco-friendly and child- and pet-safe?

Typical fertilizers are not safe for human exposure at application. They often contain far more synthetic chemicals than soil and plants can absorb. This excess seeps down into groundwater and pollutes shared water resources — even destroying the natural ecosystems found in streams, rivers, and oceans. Rachio’s lawn treatments contain the exact right amount of all-natural nutrients for your lawn’s specific needs, so there’s no waste and no pollution.

Do I need a Rachio controller to purchase lawn treatments?

Yes, you must have a Rachio controller to purchase our lawn treatments. Water is a critical component of plant health, so Thrive is most effective when combined with Rachio’s watering schedules, which are customized for your lawn’s needs.

Is my yard compatible?

Rachio Thrive is compatible with yards up to 11,000 square feet. Learn more about your yard with our Yard Analyzer Tool.

How do I know Rachio Thrive will work with my lawn? Is there a money-back guarantee?

We want you to love your lawn and the life within it. Not completely satisfied with Rachio Thrive? We’ll easily refund your order in full up to 60 days from delivery.

Rachio Controllers

What do I need in order to have a Rachio controller?

You’ll need an installed lawn irrigation system, strong Wi-Fi, and a smartphone.

Which controller should I buy?

Which controller is right for you will depend on how many sprinkler zones you have and the level of precision watering you want. If you’re looking for the top-performing and highest rated smart watering system, we recommend the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller. If your yard has 8 sprinkler zones or less, choose the 8-zone Rachio 3; if you have a larger yard or more than 8 sprinkler zones, we suggest going with the 16-zone Rachio 3. If you’re looking for a more economical watering solution and have 8 zones or less, check out our Rachio 3e.

Can I share my controller with other users, like my family or my gardener?

You bet! Our Shared Access feature allows you to share different levels of access with whomever you’d like!

Shipping, Purchasing, + Pricing

How/where can I purchase?

You’re in the right place! Use our Yard Analyzer Tool to customize your Thrive Kit and check out right here at If you don’t already have a Rachio controller, you can purchase one here too!

How do I get my products?

Rachio Thrive products are delivered directly to your door based on your lawn-specific needs.

When will I get my shipment?

Once your order has shipped, you’ll receive an email with tracking information letting you know when to expect your delivery. As of May 15th, all Rachio Thrive orders will ship the week of 05/26. If you also ordered a Rachio controller, your Rachio will ship separately 1-2 days from purchase.

How much does it cost? How many applications do I get per payment?

Pricing varies depending on your lawn size and needs. Use our Yard Analyzer Tool to customize your kit and see your cost. Your Thrive Starter Kit includes two Thrive treatments (a 90-day supply; 1 treatment every 45 days) plus application accessories. Each Replenishment Pack delivers an additional 90-day supply (2 treatments) for continued lawn health.

Installation + Application

When do I apply Rachio Thrive?

You can apply Lawn Champion as soon as it’s delivered to your door, and the Rachio app will prompt you on the best time to apply. Once you’ve applied Thrive, you’ll confirm your application in the Rachio app and then we’ll take it from there! You’ll see Thrive adjustments in your watering schedules as the season goes on and will get a notification when you need to apply the next round.

What if I have already used other fertilizers or products on my lawn this year – can I still apply Rachio’s products?

Yes, you can still apply Rachio’s lawn care products! They’re all natural and compatible with other chemistry, so there’s no risk of over-treating or burning your lawn.

How many treatments will I get?

Thrive Starter Kits includes two Thrive treatments (a 90-day supply; 1 treatment every 45 days) plus application accessories. Each Replenishment Pack delivers an additional 90-day supply (2 treatments) for continued lawn health.

Can I only apply to grass/turf? Can I apply to other plants?

Rachio Thrive’s Lawn Champion is specially formulated for use on turf and grassy areas, but it’s safe and effective on other plants as well.

How long does Rachio Thrive take to work?

Our lawn treatments get to work rebuilding your soil health and ecosystem as soon as you apply! While it may take some time to see these results above ground, Rachio’s lawn treatments start improving soil health from your first application on; Thrive produces more robust roots and greener grass just four weeks after your first application! Document your improvements online using /n#RachioThrive.

Can Rachio controllers be installed outside?

While the Rachio controller itself is not weatherproof, we offer a Rachio outdoor enclosure you can use to mount your controller outside. It’s fully weatherproof and can withstand temperatures in the range of -31F to 140F. All mounting hardware is included in the box.

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