Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio 3e

The Rachio 3e Smart Sprinkler Controller raises the smart watering bar with foolproof installation, dual-band Wi-Fi, and an expressive light bar.

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Why Rachio 3?

Cut Back on Unnecessary Watering

Weather Intelligence automatically skips unnecessary watering with features like Rain Skip, Wind Skip, Freeze Skip, Saturation Skip, and Seasonal Shift. Select the best-selling Rachio 3 for premium Weather Intelligence™ Plus features and upgraded weather forecasting.

Easy-to-use Rachio app makes managing your yard a delightful experience.

The Rachio app works as your personal watering assistant to ensure plants receive the water they need, when they need it, without waste. View and control your watering zones on the go from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Combine with Rachio Thrive for even more water savings.

All Rachio controllers work with Rachio Thrive plans for easy application of natural, safe yard care products delivered to your door.

Questions and Answers

What do I need in order to have a Rachio controller?

You’ll need an installed lawn irrigation system, strong Wi-Fi, and a smartphone.

Can I share my controller with other users, like my family or my gardener?

You bet! Our Shared Access feature allows you to share different levels of access with whomever you’d like!

Which controller should I buy?

Which controller is right for you will depend on how many sprinkler zones you have and the level of precision watering you want. If you’re looking for the top-performing and highest rated smart watering system, we recommend the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller. If your yard has 8 sprinkler zones or less, choose the 8-zone Rachio 3; if you have a larger yard or more than 8 sprinkler zones, we suggest going with the 16-zone Rachio 3. If you’re looking for a more economical watering solution and have 8 zones or less, check out our Rachio 3e.

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