Rachio App

Your personal yard care assistant.

The Rachio app is dedicated to making the most of every drop of water and each lawn treatment with customized watering schedules, premium weather monitoring and unbeatable control. Our intuitive app and unmatched technology meet the needs of every homeowner – whether you want to set it and forget it or gain full management over your lawn’s health.

Scheduling screenshot of Rachio App

Customize your watering with the tap of a finger

It’s easier than ever before to manage your lawn. Calculate and customize watering days and amounts based on your landscape or let Rachio make recommendations for you. Making adjustments to

your zones

, schedules, and controller settings can be done in a few clicks. Compared to the dumb clunky box with dials and a missing manual in your garage, Rachio is a no-brainer

Rachio Thrive subscription with bottles and controller

Manage your lawn from anywhere with your smartphone.

  • Monitor your upcoming watering schedule and review past watering history
  • Keep an eye on water usage data by month, day, or zone
  • Manage zone information and keep your settings updated as things change in your yard
  • Create customized schedules that fit your yard needs, sustainability goals, and lifestyle
  • Share app access with household members or your preferred Pro

Download the Rachio App

The Rachio app is available at no cost for Android, iOS, and web.

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iPhone showing Rachio Mobile App