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What are zones?

Take care of your lawn, zone by zone.

Every yard with a sprinkler system is organized into zones – strategically placed groupings of sprinkler heads. Ideally, each zone consists of like-plant types to ensure the most efficient watering possible.

Usually, each zone in your yard is different from the next. One zone could be all grass with spray heads while another could be a vegetable garden with misters — those definitely can’t be treated the same! By separating watering into zones, we can more effectively keep your lawn happy and healthy without applying a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Customize each zone for better results.

When you set up your zones with Rachio, you’ll identify specific attributes of each zone:

  • Vegetation Type

    Vegetation type is used to help determine watering durations. Each plant type uses water differently, and at different rates.

  • Sprinkler Head

    Every spray head, or nozzle, applies water at a different rate. Getting this right is important because it has one of the biggest impacts on initial watering time.

  • Soil Type

    Soil type is important when being mindful of water runoff, root depth, and the rate that water drains from the soil. For example, sand drains much quicker than clay.

  • Sun Exposure

    Exposure to sun and shade affect the initial zone watering time. The less shade (and greater amount of sun exposure), the higher the watering time.

  • Slope

    Slope also affects water runoff. As the slope gets steeper, the maximum allowed watering time decreases. For steep terrain, runoff will occur at a much faster rate.

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Water only where your yard needs it most.

Rachio uses the information you provide about your zones to understand its specific watering needs. For example, consider a zone with cool season grass on a flat slope with the sun beating down all day. You don’t want to water that zone the same way you’d water a garden on a hill in the shade. Rachio takes all of this information to directly impact plant health and water savings.

Plus, understanding each zone's attributes and specific needs helps you grow a healthier yard. And a healthier, more sustainable yard means more backyard picnics and lazy, summertime afternoons.

Manage your zones with the touch of a finger.

Forget clunky dials, buttons, and mysterious waterings from dumb controllers. Managing all of your zones directly in the Rachio app is easy. Our guided setup will get you started, but the magic really happens with personalized Zones settings. Get a quick glance at your watering schedules, view zone-specific water usage, review historical data, quick run specific zones, or edit zone details.

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