Rachio Thrive Trial Subscription

Welcome to Rachio Thrive Trial!

Your trial of Rachio Thrive Lawn Champion helps plants grow healthier by improving soil and building roots. And it's safe for people, pets, and the planet!

How to use

Inside Rachio Thrive Trial Kit, you'll find a treat for your lawn: a trial-sized bottle of our easy-to-apply Lawn Champion treatment made from natural nutrients.

1. Download Rachio App

Download the app to create your Rachio account.

2. Link Your Trial

Follow instructions in the app to add Rachio Thrive Trial to your account.

3. Apply Lawn Champion

Apply according to instructions, mark as applied in the Rachio app, and receive refills automatically.

Application Tips

Your Rachio Thrive Trial includes enough Lawn Champion to cover about 1,000 square feet of lawn. To select an area to apply, follow the suggestions below.

Find an area of your yard that’s:

  • Full sun or partial shade
  • 1000 square feet or less
  • Mainly flat, with minimal slope
  • Mostly grass (some other plants are ok!)

How Does it Work?

Rachio Thrive Lawn Champion isn’t a fertilizer – it’s so much more! Unlike traditional chemical fertilizers, our soil nutrition contains the right stuff for your lawn, without the risk of damaging or burning it. Lawn Champion feeds your entire soil system so that your plants can get what they need to grow longer, stronger roots and reach more naturally-provided water and nutrients.

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Are your ingredients safe?


Yes! We’re proud of the ingredients that go into the Rachio Thrive Lawn Champion treatment. Lawn Champion contains microalgae, a natural ingredient specially formulated for soil nutrition, as well as other ingredients like vitamins and minerals. Find out more at How Thrive Works.

How is it safer than other lawn treatments?


We’re proud of the natural ingredients that go into Lawn Champion. Our non-synthetic superfoods feed soil’s living community without polluting water and air with nitrogen and other chemicals that overload our ecosystem.

Our soil nutrition is the key to total lawn transformation. Other natural treatments are pulled from the ocean and can compromise soil health with excess salt. Lawn Champion uses microalgae that is specially grown for use in soil. These micronutrients are more easily absorbed into your lawn because, well, that's what they’re made for!

Need more help, or have a different question?


Check out How Thrive Works, or email our support team at thrive@rachio.com with any other questions.