Start Loving Your Lawn

Your Thrive Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started: two 12 oz bottles of Lawn Champion, expandable 50 ft hose, applicator, and a growing suite of exclusive Thrive watering and yard-care features in the Rachio app. Thrive Starter Kit provides a 90-day supply of treatments (two treatments, one applied every 45 days during the growing season). Each 12 oz bottle covers up to 1500 sq ft.

A beautiful lawn, delivered to your doorstep

Our customized Thrive kit offers effortless yard care by combining Rachio smart sprinkler technology and effective, natural treatments that are right for your lawn and everyone on it. Love it, or get your money back!

Inside Your Rachio Lawn Kit

Your Rachio lawn kit provides smart watering control, easy-to-apply lawn treatments, and a customized watering and application schedule for your yard’s needs. We deliver everything straight to your door, when your lawn needs it.


Take the guesswork out of watering and give your yard exactly what it needs with the only platform that brings together smart sprinkler control and powerful app technology in one easy-to-use ecosystem.


Thrive’s Lawn Champion treatment uses natural ingredients like microalgae to feed plants and encourage the growth of healthy microbes. Say goodbye to worrying over burned grass from traditional chemical fertilizers! Thrive introduces natural nutrition to your landscape for greener grass and thicker roots.


Your Rachio app takes all the guesswork out of when to apply and how much to water afterward. Treatments arrive at your door, and the Rachio app tells you exactly when and how to apply. Thrive takes all the guesswork and worry out of the equation!

Harnessing nature and technology for beautiful lawns

Natural lawn treatments nourish your lawn and work with smart watering for optimum lawn health.

Make your Soil a Lively Place for Plants

Our natural Thrive treatments nourish grass and encourage the growth of healthy microbes, repairing soil so it can grow greener grass and resilient roots. Better soil, roots, and plant nutrition create a picture of lawn health – both above and below ground!

  • Checkmark Feeds your plants with natural microalgae for nutrients plants need.

  • Checkmark Helps activate and feed healthy microbes in your lawn to create living soil plants love.

  • Checkmark Reduces soil compaction so plants can grow stronger, thicker roots for long term health.

Questions & Answers


Rachio’s new lawn care plan focuses on naturally building roots and innovating soil nutrition to create the strongest foundation for a lush, sustainable lawn which can dramatically improve soil and plant health. It’s designed to replace traditional fertilizers (which are often synthetic and harmful) with kid-and-pet-safe, complete nutrition for your lawn. When you purchase, you’ll receive tailored lawn treatments that are safe and easy to apply, delivered to your door.


Typical fertilizers are not safe for human exposure at application and require protection to apply. They also contain far more synthetic chemicals than soil and plants can absorb, leading to runoff that pollutes waterways and creates dead zones in aquatic ecosystems. Rachio’s lawn treatments contain the right amount of microalgae and natural nutrients, so there’s no waste and no pollution. And it’s safe for kids and pets, so there’s no need to keep your loved ones off the lawn after application.


The first Thrive product, Lawn Champion, nourishes grass with microalgae and other nutrients while feeding healthy microbes in your soil to create a living environment plants love. Beneficial microbes help the roots to grow thicker and extend themselves so plants have access to water and nutrients that were previously unreachable. Once applied, this treatment can restore the natural chemistry of your soil so that grass can really thrive.

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