Rachio Thrive Lawn Champion Lawn Treatments

Restore the natural chemistry of your soil with our kid and pet-safe Lawn Champion. With consistent applications, your lawn becomes healthier and better able to withstand stress from heat and dry conditions.

Choose between our Annual Kit, which includes 4 treatments and renews annually, or the Seasonal Kit, which includes 2 treatments and renews every 90 days during the growing season.

Rachio Thrive treatments work with our controllers.

Pairing your Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller with Rachio Thrive treatments is the only yard care solution that’s proven to grow deeper roots while decreasing watering needs.

Our Rachio app tracks Lawn Champion treatments and automatically skips unnecessary waterings once grass is healthy and strong. Your plants’ increasingly resilient roots continue grabbing nutrients and water, reducing your total need for water also providing snapshots of your lawn’s health.

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Grow deeper roots to save on water.

Rachio Thrive multiplies the water-saving power of the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller so your plants can grow stronger with less water. Our lawn treatments are like a boot camp for your roots – it strengthens and challenges them to be more self-reliant and less dependent on frequent waterings. As your Rachio app tracks Lawn Champion treatments, it assesses your plants changing water needs and then adjusts your schedules to automatically deliver the right amount of water. Once your plants are strong and resilient to a little water stress, your Rachio can skip unnecessary waterings, saving gallon after gallon of the world’s most precious resource.

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The easiest way to give your lawn what it needs.

Subscribe to Rachio Thrive and get natural lawn treatments tailored to fit your landscape and delivered to your door. Our Rachio app lets you know the best time to spray on our easy-to-apply treatments, then tracks your lawn’s progress. Just check the Rachio app, attach the expandable, no-tangle hose to your water source and treatment bottle, then spray until the bottle is empty.

Tap into your lawn's greatest potential with Rachio Thrive.

From the folks that created the first smart sprinkler controller and pioneered smart watering technology, we bring you the latest in comprehensive lawn health. Backed by over a decade of research and testing in sustainable agriculture, Lawn Champion soil nutrition is designed to grow more robust roots so that grass can capture more water and nutrients – so it can get healthy and stay healthy.

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See results in as little as four weeks.

Taking control of your watering isn't an overnight fix for your lawn. But over time, Rachio will help your yard grow stronger and healthier.

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