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Rachio Thrive Subscription Plans

Rachio Thrive Annual Replenishment
$10 OFF
  • Best price per application
  • Get $10 off – only during presale
  • Includes 4 easy-to-apply treatments
  • Renews automatically each year at the start of the growing season
  • Thrive Replenishment Kits do not include a new hose or hose storage bag
Rachio Thrive Seasonal Replenishment
  • Includes 2 easy-to-apply treatments per shipment
  • Renews automatically every 90 days during the growing season (about 2 shipments per year)
  • Thrive Replenishment Kits do not include a new hose or hose storage bag

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You’re already subscribed to Rachio Thrive for 2021, but for a limited time, you can upgrade to Thrive Annual Subscription at special early bird pricing! And just like with your 2020 treatments, Rachio will deliver the safe, effective nutrition your lawn needs to keep looking good, season after season. Buy today to receive your year’s supply of Thrive treatments at the start of the 2021 growing season and you’ll continue to get:

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    Stronger, lusher lawn that needs less water & maintenance to thrive

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    Effective lawn treatments made from natural nutrients

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    Lawn care that works with Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller & mobile app