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Why Annual Thrive Subscription?

Rachio’s Annual Thrive Subscription sets your lawn up for long-term success. No more wondering how or when to fertilize your yard – Rachio let’s you know when to apply treatments and delivers the safe, effective nutrition you need to keep your lawn looking good, season after season, in one convenient delivery. Make next year your lawn’s best year ever by locking in our best price with the Thrive Annual Subscription. Buy today and receive your year’s supply of Thrive treatments at the start of your 2021 growing season.

Already have a Thrive Seasonal Subscription? You can upgrade to annual for top-tier savings for the lawn you love.

See why thousands of happy homeowners are switching to Rachio Thrive

  • "We are finally seeing our yard come back to life – literally thriving.”

    - Jocelyn A.

  • “The game changer for lawn care”

    - Belinda M.

  • “The results are looking great! The yard is green and full. The fullness crowds out the weeds so the need to use weed killer has diminished greatly.”

    - Marjorie D.

  • “My grass became the best looking grass on my street after just my first Thrive use.”

    - Thrive User

Why Thrive?

Rachio Thrive natural lawn care treatments help plants grow healthier by improving soil and building roots. And it’s safe for people, pets, and the planet! Why put off your lawn care decisions until next year? Choose the best nutrition for your lawn and lock in a great price.

Obsessively-researched, backed by science, and built on over a decade of experience in sustainable agriculture, it’s what your lawn’s been waiting for. Other lawn treatments fail because too much or too little water is applied; Rachio combines the precision watering of our smart sprinkler controller with Thrive treatments to deliver the right amount of water as your lawn flourishes.

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