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Rachio Weather Intelligence™

Meet the smartest weather monitoring system.

As the very first smart watering app, Rachio was built to ensure technology didn’t get in the way of Mother Nature. While trying to combat water waste, our engineers built the most intuitive weather-informed scheduling on the market.

Weather Intelligence™ automatically adjusts your watering schedule.

Have you ever seen your neighbor with their sprinklers on in the rain? Embarrassing, right? Thankfully, that’ll never happen to you with Rachio Weather Intelligence™. Weather Intelligence™ ensures you only water when it makes sense. Too cold? Skip. Too windy? Skip. Raining? Definitely skip. Rachio will take a step back when Mother Nature’s got it covered.

Weather Intelligence™ will even update your schedule durations on a monthly basis to offset seasonal weather changes. Plus, get premium hyperlocal accuracy with Weather Intelligence™ Plus on the Rachio 3.

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Skip waterings when Mother Nature's got it covered.

Weather Intelligence automatically skips unnecessary watering with features like Rain Skip, Wind Skip, Freeze Skip, Saturation Skip, and Seasonal Shift. Our servers get weather reports from our weather service, detailing the weather conditions before the watering time, checking 12 and 1 hour before the scheduled run. If these meet or exceed your pre-set threshold(s)—managed within the Rachio app —the watering time is skipped.

Rain Skip

You guessed it: Rain skip will skip the watering schedule when it's raining.

Wind Skip

Prevent waste by skipping waterings when high winds are likely to scatter water intended for your plants.

Freeze Skip

If the observed temperature is at or below the pre-set threshold at the time the schedule starts, the schedule will be skipped.

Seasonal Shift

Seasonal Shift will update your schedule durations on a monthly basis to offset seasonal weather changes.

Saturation Skip

Saturation Skip determines if your yard has enough moisture to last until your next scheduled watering time.

Get hyperlocal forecasting with Weather Intelligence™ Plus.

Weather Intelligence™ Plus, available only on the Rachio 3 Controller, provides hyperlocal accuracy into the current and projected weather that’s not only in your area, but right outside your door. We combine data from national weather stations, more than 300,000 personal weather stations, satellite data, radar data, and more to provide hyperlocal forecasting that’s accurate to the location of your controller.

No other smart sprinkler controller offers weather monitoring this precise or reliable.

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