Introducing Rachio Weed Watcher

The safe, non-toxic way to rid your yard of weeds.

The safe, non-toxic way to rid your yard of weeds.

Weed Killer that Works

At Rachio, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your well being (or a healthy environment) to get the lawn you love. That’s why we created Weed Watcher – a natural, safe alternative to traditional weed control that quickly rids your lawn of weeds.

Doesn’t hurt the plants you love.

Weed Watcher is safe to apply to your lawn and only targets unwanted weeds.

Works quickly so you don’t have to.

Easily spray on Weed Watcher, then watch as targeted weeds quickly wilt and give way for easy removal.

Safe ingredients for real results.

Many traditional weed killers use synthetics like glyphosate and preservatives that are bad for human health. Weed Watcher uses iron to quickly kill weeds, unlike many traditional weed killers that use harmful synthetics and preservatives that require you to stay off your lawn for days.

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Science Behind Weed Watcher

Weed Watcher is a selective weed killer that’s safe for your lawn and helps control weeds. It’s specially formulated with iron and amino acids so weeds quickly absorb the solution and begin sustaining damage while plants around them (like grass) remain unharmed. And you don’t need to wait around like with other weed control treatments – once Weed Watcher has dried onto your lawn, your yard is ready to go and is safe to enjoy!

This spray-on, easy-to-apply treatment works quickly to kill weeds, with visible results just a few hours after application.

Why Add Weed Watcher to Your Bundle

Weed Watcher comes in an easy, spray-on formula so you can quickly and easily apply for same-day results. Save on shipping or a trip to the garden center – bundle Weed Watcher with Rachio Thrive to get the yard treatments you need, delivered!

Adding Weed Watcher to your Rachio Thrive bundles can make for a healthier yard. It:

  • Is a safe alternative to other weed killers
  • Kills most broadleaf weeds
  • Works quickly for same-day results
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