Ready to grow your yard smarts?

That’s why we got into the lawn care business in the first place. To help you create and care for your yard in the most effective, natural, and responsible way possible. Our ecosystem is designed to reinforce nature and improve your lawn’s sustainability and splendor

Build a healthier and more beautiful lawn — from the ground up.

Healthy soil is the engine behind a beautiful, sustainable lawn. It creates an environment where stronger, thicker roots flourish, making the most of every drop of water and available nutrients. All this while reducing water, toxins — and best of all — your time doing maintenance.

The Dirt on Dirt

Ensuring your soil is rich and root-friendly primes your green spaces for success. Our natural soil treatment uses microalgae nutrition and healthy microbes to provide roots with what they need to thrive. That means your roots can then dive deeper into the ground—accessing more nutrients and water—than ever before. The result? A more beautiful, resilient, and water-efficient yard that requires less maintenance.

Natural Fertilizer Replacements

Break the traditional fertilizer cycle! Mass-market chemical fertilizers sterilize the soil and create a constant need to repeat treatments. Worse yet, most only improve the appearance of the plant and can fail altogether with imperfect watering afterward. Our natural, non-synthetic treatment penetrates deep into the soil to optimize root length. Long roots tap into water that’s deeper below the ground so you can water less, which is a beautiful thing.

Two words: Water Smarter.

Our ecosystem is powered by the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller and our easy-to-use app. Together, you can automate watering for better accuracy and efficiency.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Designed to work with multiple yard zones, each of our controllers let you customize watering schedules that automatically adjust based on your local weather. Each system is compatible with the Nest, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other smart home platforms.

Rachio Smart App

Take control of your water use with our intuitive app that puts personalization in the palm of your hand. Rachio monitors the weather and auto-adjusts watering times. Calculate and customize watering days and amounts based on your landscape, or let Rachio make recommendations for you.

Peace of mind, delivered right to your door.

Rest easy knowing you’re building a beautiful lawn in a way that protects people, pets, and the planet. Every treatment is vital nutrition that reinforces nature, encouraging optimal plant and soil health with minimal water use.

Clean Ingredients

No synthetic chemicals or nitrate pollution here! Our microalgae solution — Lawn Champion — feeds plants and stimulates growth the way nature intended. This child- and pet-safe formula uses a perfectly balanced mix of micronutrients, proteins, and carbohydrates to create the superfood your lawn and plants need.

Easy to Apply, and Re-apply

Your Rachio Thrive box contains everything needed to quickly give your landscaping the right nutrition. The Rachio app guides you through preparing your lawn and the provided expandable hose makes it easy to apply. When it’s time for the next application, you’ll receive a reminder, along with any refills necessary!

A beautiful yard for today. And tomorrow.

At Rachio, we believe beautiful yards can be as sustainable as they are simple. Water is the key to both a healthy lawn and a healthy planet, so the more we can conserve it, the brighter our future will be.

Challenging the Status Quo

We’re here to reinforce nature through technology, bringing your yard back to life while using minimal water resources. From day one, our goal has been to revolutionize lawn care and show everyone they can have a beautiful lawn AND protect the planet’s most precious resource at the same time.

Nurturing Nature

Amplifying the ecosystems that exist naturally in healthy soil is the key to smarter lawn care. Unleashing beneficial microorganisms into soil encourages stronger root systems that grow deeper into the ground where nutrients and water are more abundant. This results in a healthy, beautiful yard that’s less reliant on external resources to deliver the curb appeal you’re after.

Employ our ecosystem. Reap the water-saving rewards.

Waste no more. Sign up for the Rachio Thrive kit today and get started rebuilding your root system for a lawn that sips water instead of guzzling it.

Step 1

Build your custom yard care solution

Tell us about your yard goals, then we’ll create your tailored lawn care plan.

Step 2

Set up your ecosystem with ease

Install your Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller in 30 minutes or less and activate the Rachio app.

Step 3

Follow system prompts to right-time your applications

Apply kid-and-pet-safe, natural lawn care treatments with ease as Rachio walks you through how and when to spray on solutions that are delivered to your door.


"Super easy to use, saves water, money and the grass was greener than ever! Buy one!"

- Danielle G.