Rachio Works with Nest.

Rachio works with Nest to manage outdoor water usage and protect your home. Get a holistic picture of utility usage with water and energy savings together in your monthly Nest Home Report, and trust Rachio and Nest Protect to initiate your sprinklers upon smoke detection.

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Rachio + Nest Home Report

Monitor water and energy savings together in one location. The monthly Nest Home Report shows exactly how many gallons of water you've saved in the current month by using a Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. Compare with water savings from the prior month to evaluate your usage over time.

Rachio + Nest Protect

Protect your property and neighbors with Rachio by using your sprinklers to mitigate fire spread. A Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller will automatically cycle through your sprinkler zones if Nest Protect detects smoke inside your home. The moistened lawn will serve as a barrier, slowing and helping prevent the spread of fire across property lines.

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