Water for tomorrow.

Your sprinklers waste as much as 50%. It’s time to take control of your yard and your water.

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No more watering in the rain.

Adjusts for the weather, watering only when needed, and prevents run off with cycle and soak.

Stop guessing. Start saving.

Understand your yard in new ways. Rachio Iro adjusts to the specifics of your yard to keep plants healthy.

Enjoy new control.

Control your Iro from anywhere, track watering and precipitation, even view reports on your yard’s health.

  • Every now and then a product comes along and changes the way we do things beyond their advertised benefits.

    Sloane StrickerAmazon

  • One of the few tech gadgets my wife thinks is a necessity. If you have a sprinkler system, get the IRO.

    Ralph WApple

Water with intelligence

Rachio’s EPA certified methods use the latest irrigation science to keep your yard healthy and efficient.

Control from anywhere.

Take full control of your sprinklers from anywhere. You’re only a few clicks away at any moment.

Keep it simple.

Quick to install and easy to use, the Rachio Iro makes watering your landscape easy and fun.

189,263,352 Gallons Saved

The Rachio Iro saves you water in three specific ways.

Know Your Climate

Schedules automatically adjust for changing seasons and your specific micoclimate.

Predict the Weather

We watch for upcoming weather and save you water anytime we see an opportunity to do so.

Cycle and Soak

We eliminate runoff by breaking your schedule up to maximize your soil’s absorption rate.

As much as 50% of water used outdoors right now is being wasted. We’re dedicated to cutting that waste.

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It matters where it’s made. We’re proud to keep our manufacturing in the US; unifying our team, creating local jobs, and reducing shipping and waste.

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