Lawn Smarts: Know Your Roots

Sarah Menz Manager, Content Strategy
JAN 22, 2020

Roots are the foundation of your plant. Not only do they mechanically hold your plant in place, but they are also responsible for bringing water and minerals to the plant. Without a strong root system, no amount of water will give you the golf-course-green lawn you may be dreaming of. So how do you identify healthy roots, and what do you do about root issues?

There are a few things to look at when evaluating roots health. Some characteristics of healthy roots include (but aren’t limited to):

  • White or tan in color

  • Succulent (not thin and dried out)

  • Dense enough to hold the shape of the soil

  • Deep enough to hold the plant in the soil (the deeper the better when it comes to drought-resistant plants!)

Struggling with root health? Specific problems with root and plant health may need further investigation, but there are a few ways to set your roots up for success.

  • Water deeply and less frequently (hello, Flex Daily schedules!)

  • Avoid watering at night to prevent fungi

  • Aerate to reduce compaction in your soil – hint: if you use Rachio Thrive Lawn Champion, the microalgae in Lawn Champion does this naturally!

  • Start your lawn health products, like soil treatments and weed control treatments, early in the season