Lawn Smarts: Overseeding


Overseeding is a quick and easy way to improve your lawn’s thickness, repair dead spots, and improve the quality of your outdoor space.

When to overseed

While you can throw seed down any time of year, there are times when new grass seed will be most effective in creating the greatest amount of coverage for your lawn. If you live in the north or in a colder climate, we recommend overseeding in the spring or fall (fall is slightly preferred, as the soil is generally a bit warmer). If you live in the south or in a warmer climate, the best time to overseed is late spring to mid-summer.

How to overseed

Before you decide to overseed, you need to complete some prep work on your lawn. Begin by mowing your grass and bagging the clippings, then rake any remaining debris or thatch. This allows the seed to attach directly to the soil and start growing. Once you have prepped your lawn, evenly distribute the lawn seed over your grass. You can do this by hand, or purchase an inexpensive spreader to help you distribute the seed more consistently. After overseeding, we recommend watering daily until you see the new seed beginning to sprout. You can water new seedlings effectively and automatically by setting up a temporary Fixed Schedule in your Rachio app.

Once you have your seed down and your schedule set up, you are on your way to a more lush lawn; no heavy-lifting required!

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