Lawn Smarts: Yard Audit


The beginning of the growing season is a great time to audit your yard to identify any issues and get to know your lawn’s health.

Step 1 – Check for Dead Spots

Dead patches of grass in your lawn can be caused by anything from pet urine, spilled chemicals, de-icing salt, insect infestations, and more. If you find these, take a look at the color and texture of the spot and the surrounding grass to begin identifying the cause. Then, work towards treating and preventing those spots during your seasonal yard work.

  • If the spots are yellow with brighter-than-usual green grass around the edges, it’s likely due to animal urine.
  • If the dead patch easily pulls away from the ground when you tug on the grass, it’s likely due to grubs.
  • Irregularly shaped patches are likely the cause of a chemical or gasoline spill.

Step 2 – Check for Weeds

Dandelions can be cute – until they take over your yard. When pulling weeds, make sure you pull from the root to make sure there are no opportunities for regrowth. We also suggest wearing gloves to keep your hands safe from any skin irritation that could result from unknown plants.

Step 3 – Check for Fungus

A lawn fungus can look very similar to the dead spots discussed earlier, but fungi growths are typically caused by over-or-under watering, watering at night, too much fertilizer, or drastic weather changes. Make sure not to walk over these areas to avoid tracking the disease to other parts of your yard. Some easy treatment steps can be:

  • Water only what you need (Rachio can help with that!)
  • Aerate and dethatch your lawn
  • Mow at a height of 3-4 inches
  • Call a Pro (our Pro partners at can help)

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