Smart watering with Rachio has saved 50 BILLION gallons of water


Rachio's growing community has collectively saved 50 BILLION gallons of water from being wasted over the past few years thanks to free features like weather skips. And with each new Rachio user we save even more!

This is especially important amid record heat and drought in the western United States (making saving water more important than ever). More than 40% of the U.S. remains in drought conditions, with little promise of easing up in the near future.

But it’s not just the American West that’s experiencing water challenges. Several counties in New Jersey have limited outdoor watering due to persistent summer heat waves, and over 50 New Hampshire counties have seen watering restrictions go into effect.

In fact, unusually warm weather and increasing heat waves are proving a challenge globally. In France, more than 100 municipalities are experiencing water shortages. As the pressure to hold onto water resources increases, now is the time to take action and do whatever we can to improve water efficiency.

More ways to save water

At Rachio, we think switching from a traditional irrigation timer to a smart sprinkler controller is a terrific and easy way to save water.

Ok, we may be a little biased, but there are additional steps you can take to water even more efficiently at home.

Take it from our CEO, Kim Sentovich: “Our goal at Rachio is to continue to educate about the importance of smarter water conservation, which we believe leads to action. While smart irrigation controllers are a key piece of the solution, we encourage people to make smart, sustainable decisions about their landscaping overall.”

In many cases, switching up your landscape can be a great way to save water. The practice of xeriscaping has particular appeal for homeowners in drought-striken areas. And most landscapes of any size can benefit from swapping out existing plants for native and drought-resistant alternatives. And all of these landscapes are still supported by Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers.

Plus, Rachio controllers come with these other ways to help you reduce waste:

  • Are there watering restrictions in your area? Rachio watering schedules can accommodate nearly any type of watering restriction you may face.
  • Rachio users should also take advantage of free features like cycle and soak and seasonal shifts for your watering schedules. These make sure your plants are getting the right amount of water without runoff or excess watering.
  • Help us spread the good news! Tell your friends and family about Rachio and we can save even more together.

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