Outdoor Spring Prep Checklist


Every yard is unique, and spring is the time to take a step back and assess what you need to help your yard flourish this year.

Your location will determine when and in what order you should kick off spring maintenance tasks. Always consult the last frost date for your area and check upcoming weather before getting started.

  • Contact a pro to turn on and audit your sprinkler system | Have a professional assess your sprinkler heads for even water distribution and check for any issues (like pipes that may have cracked during any freeze-and-thaw cycles)
  • Organize, clean, and maintain garden tools | If tools have sat idle during the winter time, inspect for dull blades or loose hardware so you can get them in shape for spring.
  • Clean up and compost any remaining leaves | This compost can act as a great fertilizer for grass or vegetable gardens!
  • Replace mulch with a fresh batch | If you apply mulch to your plants, assess whether your yard could use a refresh for spring. We suggest applying organic mulch for improved plant nutrition.
  • Plant summer flower bulbs | Get bulbs in the ground during springtime for beautiful summer flowers.
  • Overseed any bare spots on your lawn | If you live in a colder climate, spring or fall are both good times to overseed. For warmer weather areas, consider overseeding between late spring and mid-summer for best results.
  • Apply fertilizer if needed | Assess with your lawn care professional what fertilizers or soil amendments may be needed.
  • Prune trees and remove dead branches | Inspect your plants and determine where pruning is necessary. When in doubt, leave this to the professionals; contact your yard care pro or an arborist for species-specific advice.
  • Plan your garden | Decide any must-haves you want in your garden. We suggest putting pen to paper to get creative and determine the best placement for any fruits and veggies. Your Rachio app makes it easy to water the right amount for each plant type.
  • Pull or remove weeds as soon as they appear | Get a jump on your yard defense by pulling weeds before they establish strong roots and have a chance to spread.

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