When to Winterize Your Sprinklers


If you live in a climate that experiences freezing winter temperatures, it’s important to prevent damage to your sprinkler system by winterizing it (also known as blowing out your sprinkler system). Winterization is necessary because pipes can freeze and burst if water remains in your sprinkler system during freezing temperatures.

When to Winterize

When you should winterize depends on where you live (and your tolerance for risk). You can use a Frost Date Calculator like this one which looks at average temperatures over the last 20 years to determine the average date of the first fall freeze each year.

The “First Fall Frost” date gives you an estimate of when you can expect the first frost of the season. While the first frost or freeze could happen before or after this date, it’s a good idea to get your sprinklers winterized around that time.

Professional Winterization, or DIY?

Rachio recommends contacting a professional for a winterization appointment since special equipment is required for a thorough sprinkler blowout. Learn more about the process and necessary equipment in this support article.

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