Supporting Bees & Pollinators In Your Yard


Thinking about adding some more color to your outdoor space? Want to make your garden more productive, naturally? Boosting your bee habitat might be the right solution! Here are Rachio’s tips for supporting bees and other pollinators in your yard.

  1. Look for the label. Many nurseries and garden centers label plants that attract and benefit pollinators as “pollinator-friendly”. Add these to your yard or garden and consider creating a pollinator pathway.
  2. Save space for native plants. Whether you have room for one pollinator-friendly plant or hundreds, all yards can benefit by making room for native flowering plants. Choose varieties that thrive in your climate region and consider any watering restrictions in your area before planting.
  3. Go for variety. Don't pick just one plant; combine a mix of plants that bloom at different times to keep a steady supply of pretty, pollinator-feeding buds throughout the seasons.
  4. Ensure easy access. Consider including plants with brightly-colored, shallow blossoms that make it easy for bees and butterflies to access pollen.
  5. Avoid pesticides whenever possible. Many pesticides are harmful to bees other beneficial pollinators. Consider integrated pest management techniques as a healthy alternative.
  6. Build a bee hotel. Check out these instructions [PDF] for creating a bee hotel of your very own to attract and provide reguge for many types of bees.

Want to learn more about how to expand bee habitat in your own backyard? Check out the Pollinator Conservation Resource Center for region-specific help on increasing pollinator environments across the United States. Or read how one Rachio employee recently became a beekeeper.

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