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Our Mission

Making sustainable water use effortless and personally rewarding

A rainy day sparked an idea to revolutionize how we water lawns. That idea has grown into Rachio – your partner in caring for your lawn, and the planet, the right way!

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It's time for a more integrative approach to water use that starts at the root level.

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Helping the planet shouldn't have to mean giving up your yard.

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When done right, water usage can contribute to water conservation.

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A one-size fits all approach to yard care creates unnecessary waste.

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Our plan for a more sustainable world

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Reduce outdoor water use.

Reduce water pollution.

Turn homeowners into conservationists.

How We Got Started

Our story began on a rainy day.

We carefully engineered the foundation for smart watering.

We created the world's first smart sprinkler controller.

We expanded to make natural lawn treatments.

We continue to grow.

A thriving community.