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Our Mission

Making sustainable water use effortless and personally rewarding

A rainy day sparked an idea to revolutionize how we water lawns. That idea has grown into Rachio – your partner in caring for your lawn, and the planet, the right way!

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It's time for a more integrative approach to water use.

The Rachio Ecosystem pairs tech-enabled watering with your smart home to create a more resilient yard. Homeowners can save time and money thanks to the Rachio App and Weather Intelligence Plus.


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    When done right, water usage can contribute to water conservation.

    Watering with Rachio can encourage a healthier root system, which allows you to actually water less. These strong roots can dive deep into the soil, giving your plants easier access to nutrients and water. It's the foundation of a beautiful, resilient, and water-efficient yard.

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      A one-size fits all approach to yard care creates unnecessary waste.

      That's why we tailor your watering to fit your individual needs and climate conditions. When setting up the app, we ask you about your irrigation system and yard for the perfect fit.

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        How We Got Started

        Our story began on a rainy day.

        It all started when Rachio founder Chris Klein was headed home during a downpour in Denver, Colorado. As he walked, he noticed how many automated sprinkler controllers were wastefully watering in the rain. That’s when the idea for Rachio was born!

        We carefully engineered the foundation for smart watering.

        Chris felt like the time to water smarter was long overdue. So he put his experience as a software engineer to work in designing the foundation for a more intelligent sprinkler controller. This revolution in watering tapped into real-time yard data, predictive weather information, and the power of mobile watering control to create a new, more complete approach to lawn health.

        We created the world's first smart sprinkler controller.

        Launching with the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, Chris and his team designed a system that allowed for customized watering schedules based on where you live. Innovation led to the Rachio App, which gave homeowners the chance to further personalize yard care by automatically factoring in additional weather data and landscape details.

        We continue to grow.

        At Rachio, our job is never done. We’re continuing to innovate so people can have a sustainable, beautiful, resilient lawn and healthy water and soil for generations to come.

        A thriving community.

        Everyone in our growing community has one thing in common—they want to do their share of good while doing what’s right for their yard. Check out these photos from our Rachio customers!