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Root Quencher

Root Quencher™ is an underground watering device that delivers water to the roots of your plants. This approach eliminates evaporation from surface watering, reducing water waste by up to 50 percent. It can connect to existing sprinkler systems or a hose for easy watering. Root Quencher has a long lifespan and is now made with recycled ABS plastic.

Water Placement

Put water right where it’s needed

Adjustable Chambers

Adjustable chambers for all soil and plant types


Easily add fertilizer for plant health

Efficient Watering

Variable water control

R3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

Compatible with irrigation systems


Save on your outdoor water bill


Made in the USA


Free shipping

How it Works

Root Quencher gets at the heart of your root watering problem

Install a Root Quencher just inside the canopy of your tree, fruit tree or shrub and connect it to your existing irrigation system or hose as a standalone device.

Water fills the chambers and wicks out the holes with capillary action and absorbs laterally, vertically, and down the root zone to nourish roots.

Designed to be adjustable for all tree and plant needs as well as soil conditions, the Root Quencher delivers water and nutrients to your landscape in the most efficient and effective manner.

    Root quencher connectivity
    Root quencher installation diagram
    Getting started

    Installing Root Quencher

    In order to get your trees and shrubs properly hydrated, you'll need to get your Root Quencher down into the ground (up to 22 inches deep) and connect it to a water source. This could mean modifying your existing irrigation system or simply connecting a hose.

    Once your Root Quencher is in the ground and connected, it's important to observe how quickly the chamber fills up and adjust the flow as needed. Based on that information – and other variables like plant type and location – you can set up a zone or timer for automated watering. If you connect to an existing irrigation system, your watering may need to be adjusted.

    At the end of the day, every yard is different, so please refer to the owner's manual when installing your Root Quencher and contact a pro if you need a hand.