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Tempest Weather System

The Tempest Weather System by WeatherFlow measures and reports the weather directly from your yard, making it the perfect companion to a Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. Leveraging powerful machine learning and modeling capabilities, the Tempest weather station provides the most precise forecast available. No moving parts, solar-powered, completely wireless, simple installation, with instant access to your weather data.

Weather data from your own backyard makes Rachio even better

You can now see Tempest data in the Rachio app and use your Tempest as the weather source for your smart sprinkler controller. Access to this integration is included for those who purchase on rachio.com, a $29 value.

How does it work? After you purchase your new weather station, we'll send you an integration code for you to use in your Rachio app. After that, you simply need to set your Tempest as a weather source and you're good to go.

    Rachio controller, Rachio app and Tempest Weather System

    Bundle today and save $125!

    The best smart sprinkler controller on the market is made even better with data from a Tempest in your yard. Buy this Black Friday weekend and get $125 off, plus access to the Tempest integration in the Rachio app (an additional $29 value).

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    Screenshot of WeatherFlow data in Rachio app

    A complete, accurate weather source

    • Integrate Tempest as a weather source for your Rachio controller, driving schedules and triggering Weather Skips
    • Weather data from your yard feeds WeatherFlow's Nearcast Technology TM to give you the best local forecast
    • View realtime weather data from your Tempest directly in the Rachio app

      A weather station so advanced, it’s simple

      Haptic rain, sonic wind, ambient light, temperature and humidity sensors inform your watering every day

      Yard sensor data is used to adjust schedules throughout the season and shift watering daily

      Tempest has no moving parts, nearly zero maintenance and can be installed in less than five minutes

        Weather skip thresholds for the WeatherFlow integration in the Rachio app