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Sprinklers and irrigation systems

Rachio works with most sprinklers and irrigation systems.

In order to use Rachio, you’ll need an automatic, in-ground sprinkler system. Yards with sprinkler systems are organized into zones that are connected to a manifold and activated by a controller. Each zone includes an electric solenoid valve and number of strategically placed sprinkler heads. When the electric solenoid valve is activated, water moves through the pipes from the manifold and heads towards the sprinkler heads to be applied to your yard. Rachio is the tool that controls this action, aka, the controller.

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Get your sprinkler system audited for best results.

It’s important to keep an eye on your sprinkler system all year round. Quarterly audits can help you identify issues in your yard that significantly affect your watering, yard health, and water bill. Rachio controllers can automatically set up a recommended schedule based on the information provided in your zone settings, but the more accurate that information is, the more customized your schedules will be. Quarterly audits can benefit your yard by:

  • Detecting leaks and broken heads
  • Reducing water use (and a resultantly lower watering bill!)
  • More consistent watering distribution, often with fewer wet and dry spots
  • Decreasing water wasted below the root zone
  • Decreasing need for fertilizers and chemicals
  • Decreasing runoff (runoff can result in stormwater chemical contamination and landscaping issues)

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Have a problem with your sprinkler system? Use our Rachio Pro network to find local professionals to repair your pipes, install your Rachio controller, help you winterize your system, and more!

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