Tips to help keep your yard healthy this fall


Autumn is here! Is your yard ready for what’s next?

Rachio recommends the following fall activities to get your outdoor space protected (and pretty!) before the cold weather hits.

Make it pop

Want to add some color to your yard for fall? Plant cool season annuals that will weather any temperature drops. Nasturtiums, larkspurs, and calendula are all great choices.

Bonus points: If you make a place in your fall landscape for nasturtiums, you’ll be happy to know that all parts of the plant are edible!


Live in a temperate climate that experiences cool autumns and winters? Check out these easy tips for winterizing your yard! But don’t wait – schedule your sprinkler system blowout before the risk of freeze. Contact your landscaping professional today to make an appointment for a sprinkler system blowout.

Collect seeds for next year

Sad to see your garden go? Save seeds from your favorite vegetables, fruits, and flowers to plant them anew next year!

Check-in on your soil

If your garden or landscape is ramping down for the cooler season, now can be a great time to test your soil and assess for any nutrient deficiencies or surpluses. This can be especially useful if your plants are not performing as well as you would expect. Knowing where your soil measures up in key plant nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium can tell you whether soil amendments are necessary and help you avoid adding too much of any nutrient (which can harm plants and contribute to nutrient pollution).

Give your grass a little extra help

Aerating your lawn will allow your yard to rejuvenate itself from the summer and make it easier for oxygen to reach your plant's roots. Raking your lawn will help remove dead grass and leaves so that your grass gets the sun it needs as the days get shorter.

Prep your trees

Consider wrapping your trees and ensure they're well-hydrated before winter sets in. If you live in a cold-weather climate you can also add mulch as insulation and to help water absorption.

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