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How it Works

As the very first smart watering app, Rachio was built to ensure technology didn’t get in the way of Mother Nature. While trying to combat water waste, our engineers built the most intuitive weather-informed scheduling on the market.

A Better Way to Water

From weather patterns to sun exposure, plant type to soil condition, Rachio helps you give your yard the water it needs, when it needs it.

Smart Schedule Changes

Rachio automatically adjusts for the weather and season, saving you water while keeping plants healthy.

Support All Yards

Designed to help you care for any type of landscape, from a plant paradise to a desert oasis.

Yard Care From Anywhere

Use your phone like a smart watering remote. Start a schedule with the tap of a finger.

Smart Schedule Changes

Smart Schedule Changes

Rachio automatically adjusts for the weather and season, saving you water while keeping plants healthy.

Rachio App

Control from Anywhere

Don't get stuck with an outdated controller where you have to build and adjust your watering schedules from the controller itself.

Now you can maintain and track your watering schedule no matter where you are. So if you're on a beach in Belize or just relaxing on your living room couch, use your smartphone to maintain the yard of your dreams.

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    Weather Intelligence

    Have you ever seen your neighbor with their sprinklers on in the rain? Embarrassing, right? Thankfully, that’ll never happen to you with Rachio Weather Intelligence™. Weather Intelligence™ ensures you only water when it makes sense. Too cold? Skip. Too windy? Skip. Raining? Definitely skip. Rachio will take a step back when Mother Nature’s got it covered.

    Weather Intelligence™ will even update your schedule durations on a monthly basis to offset seasonal weather changes. Plus, get premium hyperlocal accuracy with Weather Intelligence™ Plus on the Rachio 3.


      Connects to Existing Sprinkler Systems

      From installation to irrigation, Rachio 3 makes everything more simple. In 30 minutes or less, you can easily connect your device to any home sprinkler system. No matter which sprinkler controller you're currently using, it's quick and easy to replace it yourself!


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