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Smart watering

Take the guesswork out of lawn watering with Rachio.

When it comes to watering, we think your sprinkler controller should work smart, not hard. Why apply more water than your plants need if you don’t have to? Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers assess the particular characteristics that make your lawn unique, then tailor-make a watering program to suit your yard goals. Because it should be easy to do what’s right for your lawn and save water at the same time.

Raining on a lawn

Avoid under- or overwatering your yard.

Rachio connects to your existing sprinkler system.

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Rachio mobile app sprinkler scheduling screenshot

Get customized watering schedules.

  • Plant type
  • Soil conditions
  • Zone specifications
  • And more!

Rachio adjusts schedules based on weather.

Manage your watering and more in the Rachio app.

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